Objective : 

  1. Extensive and continuous experience in large scale pest control contracts within the UAE.

  2. Know-how and full understanding of the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain business environment.

  3. Understanding of the Centre of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi’s core values and expectations.

  4. Proven a track record with TADWEER from 2007 up to date in pest control and waste management Municipal projects across Emirates of Abu Dhabi.

  5. A thoroughly professional, trained and experienced management and service staff at all levels.

  6. A demonstrable record of continuous improvement.

  7. Certification with one of the world’s leading accreditation agencies, Lloyds Register Quality Assurance in ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.


1.Core Methodology

The pest management proposal submitted has been developed incorporating the following core philosophies:

  1. An effective pest management service recognizes the need for a totally integrated pest management system (IPM), particularly focused, primarily, on the use of non-chemical means to control pests.

  2. The inter-relationship between pest management practices, waste management services, the environment, humans and non-targeted pests and predators.

  3. That the pest management performance is self-monitoring through regular inspections, reporting and pest trend analysis.

  4. The acknowledgement that the pest management system must evolve as needs and wants of the Centre of Waste Management.

2.Pest Control Operational Credibility

Alphamed, through regular self-monitoring, strives for continuous improvement.  Operationally Alphamed has deployed:

  1. Quality objectives to measure the standard of customer service.

  2. The use of software that enables effective scheduling of services, proof of service, comprehensive reporting and trend analysis of pest activity across an operational area.

  3. Extensive use of electronic field reporting devices to accurately record details on the job.

  4. Extensive use of integrated pest management techniques that minimises the impact of pesticides on humans, animals and the environment.

  5. An Integrated Management System to ensure quality, environmental and occupational health and safety compliance.

  6. Continuous staff training covering all staff level to improve the efficiency of pest control services though increasing the staff professionalism.

3.Customer Service and Points of Contact

Alphamed understands that excellent customer service reflects on its professionalism and that of the Centre of Waste Management- Tadweer.  Customer service includes all aspects where a customer may interact with Alphamed; from their initial contact, delivering on promised services on time, execution of a professional service and feedback, whether it is positive or negative.

4.Servsuite  Management System

Alphamed uses Servsuite, a fully integrated computing system that is end to end, encompassing customer details, service details, service frequencies, scheduling and electronic field service reporting. It gives the tools needed to perform the best of Pest Control business for Scheduled and Unscheduled Services.  Key Features of the system are:-

  1. Powerful customer search by location.

  2. Customer on line account access and on line residential booking facility.

  3. Appointment Scheduler allowing real time view of daily progress of scheduled and unscheduled services.

  4. Extensive mapping capability identifying bar coded pest control devices by building and geography.

  5. Service reporting which includes, time in, time out, details of the service, deficiencies identified, chemicals and materials used and device activity.

  6. Comprehensive management reports, including pest activity trend analysis, material and chemical usage and proof of

5.Implementation plan

A service implementation plan will be developed in order to organize and link the operational activities to achieve all the targets outlined in the RFP by the commencement date of the project. This plan is designed to facilitate the ongoing services during the lifespan of the contract.  The plan will focus on service delivery (scheduled and unscheduled) by utilizing all available resources within Alphamed to manage the activities in Abu Dhabi WEST Lot 2.

The service implementation plan will include:

  • A timeline showing the duration and completion date of major milestone events

  • Assumptions regarding the participation of the centre’s staff.

  • Identification of common problems that can occur in starting-up a new service, including strategies for preventing and managing such problems.

  • A plan to raise the level of service immediately and then progressively throughout the contract term to that of sustainable world class integrated pest management system.

  • A discussion of how Alphamed has accounted for the utilization of the labour camp.

  • A 6-month exit strategy plan for the end of the contract period


6.Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Objectives

The objective of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to develop a pest control strategy that uses an array of complementary methods. These methods could be: legal, mechanical, physical, genetic, biological and chemical. These methods are applied in three stages:

  1. Prevention

  2. Observation

  3. Intervention

Simply, integrated pest management is an environmental approach, with a main goal of reducing pest infestations, along with significantly reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides.

The pest management plan outlined in this proposal is designed to prevent pests and disease vectors from adversely impacting LOT 2 WEST ABU DHABI ISLAND by using IPM techniques.

As part of Alphamed’s pest management operations and as an approach towards applying Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, pesticide consumption is monitored and recorded in order to:

  • Ensure the type of pesticide used is listed on the approved chemical list.

  • Calculate the amount of pesticide used per service.

  • Compare the type and amount of pesticide used during specific periods (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

  • Determine the on-going targets for pesticide use (the reduction in pesticides used over comparative periods)


The quality of the work force is the key driver for the success of a project of this size. Therefore the employment of key qualified employees will have a positive influence on the project.  This leads to an increase in the efficiency of the project activities and will enable the performance objectives to be consistently achieved.

Fully recognizing the value of our employees, Alphamed has set guidelines for recruiting, employing, and training its staff.  Alphamed carries out an Induction Training for all new employees and analysis training on a continuous basis.  More formally, Alphamed has an appraisal scheme for all its employees.

All Alphamed personnel are provided with training that will assist them in acquiring the skills and knowledge to perform effectively and to comply with the Alphamed Quality Management System.

8.Self-Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Self-monitoring and continuous improvement was core to Alphamed’s operations.  Alphamed uses its Integrated Management System to ensure quality, environmental and occupational health and safety compliance.  Also, our operational staff are continually trained and assessed to ensure world’s best practices are adhered to during the delivery of services.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), agreed with the Centre, will be the key for the success of the pest control program.  Working closely with the Centre to review our performance against the KPIs is clearly understood as the critical element of the overall strategy of the Abu Dhabi Emirate to establish a sustainable world class pest control system.

9.Staff Health and Safety

Alphamed, as long term employers in the UAE, acknowledge and are committed to compliance with the UAE Labour Laws at all times throughout the term of the contract.  Alphamed supports this commitment with certification to OHSAS 18001:2007.

All the staff assigned to this contract will be direct employees of either Alphamed.  No subcontractors will be used to complete or undertake any of services outlined in the service agreement.  Additionally, Alphamed provide an undertaking that staff assigned to this contract shall not be used for any purpose other than fulfilling the requirements under the service agreement.

Alphamed also acknowledge the importance and welfare of all its employees.  Alphamed provides the workers adequate occupational necessities including; comfortable living accommodation, safe means of transportation, three meals a day including milk, first aid facilities, and health and safety provisions.


Alphamed presents the most compelling proposal for the execution of the pest control contract for LOT 2 WEST ABU DHABI ISLAND. Alphamed, with its commercial strengths in providing back office support as one of the UAE’s leading pest control companies, will provide four core ingredients:

  1. Excellent customer service

  2. Technical excellence

  3. Advanced systems

  4. World class training

We therefore believe we can deliver on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s strategy to establish a sustainable, world class pest control system.  Alphamed believes The Centre of Waste Management, as the implementer of this strategy, will see our proposal as locally relevant and completely transparent in the execution and monitoring of its performance.

Alphamed is ready to Mobilize in a short notice  into  a  state of art technique and practice .we have completed our due diligence ,operational bench marks and hot spot area to ensure very soft mobilization and project start up.